This Tree Will Stand
By Minsmif
Published: October 16, 2007

The storm has passed
There is a single tree in the midst of death and destruction
Leaning, bending
But not uprooted
Its roots held firm
Too often I’ve concentrated on a storm exposing death
But it exposes life
For I am that tree
I’ve lived through storms that have engulfed others
I’ve been wounded by debris, shaken by turbulent winds
Yet life prevails
Those I thought firmly grounded have blown away
The depth of my roots surpassed the expectations of
My so called friends
I’ve been
Bent but not broken
Weakened but not weary
Scarred but not scared
The blessed power of the Sun
No, the “Son”
Will once again enable me to stand upright
Replenishing me, nourishing me, preparing me
To withstand the next storm
I have to get all I can from above
Rain, Sun, Grace, Mercy
The next storm may have greater intensity
My roots may have to go deeper
But in the end
This tree will stand. This tree will stand