If My Life Were a Love Song
By Minsmif
Published: October 16, 2007

If my life were a love song
It would begin with an instrumental interlude
Vibrating dormant heart strings left quiescent because of past hurts
Gentle breezes through wind wood apparatuses would create soothing tones
That precede sincere lyrics of love seldom spoken
If my life were a love song
Drums would beat softly in the backdrop of fluted harmonies
To indicate strength behind life’s quiet moments
Vocals, flowing, consistent, balanced
Like love
If my life were a love song
Listeners would fall in love again
Babies would be made by lovers knowing each other’s middle name
Do rags or skull caps would be taken off prior to love making
Roses would come back in style
If my life were a love song
It would end quietly
The melody softly fading, ears straining to hear the final tune
Lovers not wanting it to end
Remembered as one of the greatest love songs of all time
My life