Our Levees Have Broken
By Minsmif
Published: October 16, 2007

The levees of our love have broken
They couldn’t withstand the turbulent winds of false promises and faded hope

We held on to the debris left by past loves
Trust floated by as we clung to “It’ll get better”

The levees of our love have collapsed
Sexual rooftops provided temporary refuge

Our bed sheets were the white flags of distress
S. O. S. (Sex Only Sex) was all we had left

The levees of our love gave way
Fecal laden pledges rose above truthful intentions, the stench was appalling

Help wasn’t on the way as promised
F. E. M. A. (Friends Endowing Mundane Advice) made matters worse

The levees of our love were weak
It was forecasted a while ago, we had time to prepare

Our levees were not reinforced with love, quality time, respect and appreciation
Raindrops of reality were taken for granted, we should have taken shelter

Our levees of love have washed away
Our hearts are now in………………. A State of Emergency