Personal Column
By Phaedrus
Published: March 29, 2013
Updated: April 1, 2013

Personal Column

When our goodbyes
were done,
and you walked
out of my life
“Forever!” – so you said,
I promised myself
that I would forget you.
And I did – for a while.
But then you started
coming back,
just gradually at first:
your old blue shirt,
our favourite song,
a book we’d both read.
And then, suddenly,
you were everywhere.
All day long
and half the night;
in my thoughts
and in my dreams.
I wake in the darkness,
and reach for you -
to find the loneliness
of empty space,
and cry myself
to sleep again.
It’s killing me.
So, please,
wherever you are,
leave me alone -
or come back to me.
I love you.