You know her well ...
By Phaedrus
Published: March 17, 2013
Updated: March 18, 2013

You know her well …

She is your friend –
you’ve known her now
for years,
and shared her gladness
and her tears,
as she has, yours.
You know her well.

But some day
you may catch her
as she meditates
an infinite remoteness,
as it were;
and then you’ll sense
a loosening of her bonds
to here and now,
her solitude;
and you’ll wonder, then,
about the time
before you met,
and guess at what
resurgent remnants
of her past
inveigh her now.

And you may feel
a certain envy, then,
excluded as you are
from one whom
friendship ties;
but as a friend
you’ll not intrude
her solitude.