The Supplicants
By Phaedrus
Published: July 10, 2012
Updated: July 10, 2012

The Supplicants

The Arabs say that madmen
have seen the face of God,
In India the sacred cow
has rule of every sod

Midst pomp the Roman churchmen
enact their mythic feast,
While ragged Masai herdsmen see
their brother in a beast

In Israel the faithful
beat their breasts against a wall,
And fundamental zealots preach
their doctrine of the Fall

Oh, there is much religion
and talk of higher things,
Of cosmic laws and deities,
the joy repentance brings

But who will feed the children?
And who will stop the hurt
Of that old woman kneeling by
a body in the dirt?

And who will end injustice,
and who will banish war?
And who will offer solace to
the outcast and the poor?

And who will make the blind to see,
and who will walk the lame?
And who will bring fulfillment of
the promise in His name?

Oh, You, who made the universe -
behold us in our pain!
Do not forsake Your handiwork:
Come back to us again