The Oppressor
By mauichuck1
Published: December 17, 2011
Updated: December 18, 2011

The secret that the power, or 1%, has been yielding over most of America, is omission.

Omission of certain information, and the freedom to buy anything on the market thatís available in stores across the nation. This isnít to preach about sobriety. Hell, Iíve enjoyed alcohol for over 23 years, or so I thought. Donít you want to fit in, or do you want to be socially inept? Do you want to be a square at the party? Loosen up! Join the crowd, I did. What came of it? This is where people hide behind the curtain of ďno regrets.Ē I have no regrets? Bullshit, I have plenty, and not only do I need a crowd of people to hold up their fingers to count them on, I can narrow it down to one source as the root of it all. Yep, you guessed it: alcohol. The big A. Oh, you say itís not the alcoholís fault, itís my willpower, my addictive personality. True, Iíll give you that, but letís look at the big picture: the leaders of this so-called free world werenít concerned about a newborn baby named Charles Anthony Rodriguez the Second. They werenít -- and arenít -- concerned with any newborns; itís when people get to be 15, 16, 18, and 21 when their voices start to stand out. The United States is a giant sales organization, and you are one of a multitude of sales reps going door to door like a redundant infomercials, lining your conversation with subliminal messages that are just part of a conversation. Whatís that you say? What kind of computer did I use to type this up? Oh, itís a Mac Book Pro -- Goddammit! Thatís how easy it is. They inject, with every purchase made, a little bit of pride and thatís the thing that keeps us coming back for more. Thatís the thing that requires acknowledgment to survive. Itís the mechanism that makes you name drop all sorts of silly information. Smarten up! Read up on the new technology, then go out in masses with your IPADS and SMART PHONES, line your walls with PLASMAS. Are you kidding? Plasmas are out! LCD is where itís at. Well then, get that too. Watch your bank account drop to zero and even below. Now they've got you in their wraps. Iím not broke yet: I still have enough for a six pack, so Iím happy. I bet you are! Happy to forget, I would be too. Youíll be over 80 and no longer a top sales rep for the CORPORATION at that time. I hope you trained your off spring to follow the yellow brick road. Yeah, itís yellow, Iím sorry you thought it was gold.

So I denounce alcohol, because that is what makes us loose with our lips. Thatís when the bullshit meter hits an all time high or low. We talk about what we got, what we want, what weíre gonna get. We one up each other, until we all basically have the same exact thing. We look the same, dress the same, and act the same. Why are they saying there is so much unemployment? Oh, itís because the company made a deal that theyíd have to pay for you a little something to get by on if youíre out of work. Wait a minute, doesnít that come out of my paycheck to begin with? You got it, we werenít gonna keep it, we were just holding it for you.

When youíre working, youíre earning. When youíre earning, youíre spending. When youíre spending, youíre representing. When youíre repping, youíre selling.

When youíre not working, youíre waiting. When youíre waiting, youíre thinking. When youíre thinking, youíre learning. When youíre learning, youíre remembering. When youíre remembering, youíre dangerous. Because you will remember that we all came from the same place, yet weíre not at the same place now. Youíll listen to conversations and hear the commercials in your neighborsí small talk. Youíll put together a few clues, have a few fresh undisturbed moments to yourself, and come up with an idea. That idea is what makes our country great. That idea is how it all began. That idea is FREEDOM.
Freedom is powerful, and dangerous and liberating and FREE.

This is my idea, whatís yours?