Dating Sites
By mauichuck1
Published: November 23, 2011
Updated: November 30, 2011

In regards to all the dating sites, we are actually in a time when we will let a computer decide our fate based on however many harmony levels we can match on. We want to cut out all the legwork that comes with meeting someone new. What our grandparents went through as far as courtship required patience; they asked the parents for permission. Now, we replace it with speed dating to find someone that will fit the bill dot coms and drive thru weddings ratified at courthouses.

What we miss out on is the importance of all the previous steps taken by our elders, the steps that grew character, that made a relationship filled with value.


Because you spent so much time during the process you actually got to know someone -- you even connected more with the family while getting to know one another. No one is quick to throw that away.

However it is easy to jump online, plug in what you want, and like a yogurtland add some additional toppings before checking out via paypal. Congratulations, here's your new shiny spouse. Oh, it's not the right model? It broke down after 6 months of use? That's okay, we have a 12 month money-back guarantee, or we will replace your spouse with a new one, just try and find out if itís your soul mate or not before the end of the year.