No One Can Answer This Question.
By mauichuck1
Published: November 13, 2011
Updated: November 13, 2011

Iím plugged in. Always felt I was. I donít need rules and restrictions while Iím writing, thatís what Iím in-appropriating against. If it wasnít for spell check, my diction would really be too hard to handle, yet easy to criticize, but that doesnít help my message, which is what? Thereís more money now, since thereís more people in the world. More people making it, spending it, printing it, whatever. Thereís more problems because of course ďmo money, mo problems,Ē done. Thereís more everything, especially in terms of free information, which may be as good as free advice. So why isnít there more enlightenment or awakenings? We went from Southern Man to Free Bird to Burning Man. It should be Free Flocks by now. We have more organic hemp-fed soy gratin pot-atoes, marijuana dispensaries, and groceries labeled with so called eco-friendly ingredients, and yet the only thing friendly about them is that they're easy to purchase and you will be more free from your money. And money isnít spent, letís be real here, itís transferred to people who have a better grift. They know the most expensive currency the majority lack is time. No one, hopefully, being of sound mind and body, chooses to get a whopper for dinner, or a big mac, or any other depressing meal. I will not capitalize their names! Theyíve done it enough already. They donít choose, they just ran out of time and the fast food nation banks on it as well as on-demand cable, internet providers, even the postal system, think about it. Yeah, the express mail. We can no longer wait. And life is in the waiting period. Itís not in the kiss, but the story leading up to it, itís in the tension, we know thereís release. Thatís the end. The end of life, the end of the movie, the song, the story, this paragraph?