Inspiration Of The Artist
By exfisi
Published: March 30, 2011
Updated: March 30, 2011


inspiration comes from motivation when mind meets heart,
heart meets soul
when in the deepest state of meditation in your subconscious
when you are least aware, you create a new life,
like an artist, with brushstrokes bred of love of passion
of laughter
of tears
borne out of unexpected expressions that are hurt breaking
mind twisting


Inspiration from the deepest recess of your mind,
your soul oozes out through your words
reaching out like ghostly fingers
penetrating the reader's mind like a leech sucking on emotion
feeding your soul with intoxicating ryhmes
taking over your soul
heart beat in tune with the poet as he enters your
mind with his words, making your thoughts his own


Inspiration has a faceless emotion, an emotionless face,
staring down, waiting to ignite, a fire in the loins of the artist,
the fire burns producing genius that outlives generations,
empty canvas comes to life, life's breath evident as it starts to speak
the language of the ancestors, of the lost tribes,
mysterious writing on the wall
it mesmerizes the masses, the language of the gods
dicernable only by those in a state of understanding,
a state of awareness,
the artist in a trans-like state, unaware of his creation,
as it develops before him ... borne out of his secret thoughts
his other worldly DNA,
deep in the pits of his imagination
comes this,
this indescribable, chilling cry of beauty!


As the words gain form, the strokes get smoother,
life is breathed on paper.
Paper no longer is as was, gains life, essence now flows through canvas,


Inspiration flows through the artist's veins onto the new life bred from the unknown!