My last tear
By exfisi
Published: March 24, 2011
Updated: March 24, 2011

A lone tear rolls down my cheek on a face contused with pain, bruised by anger of the heart

A heart bled out having taken a beating, every breath hurts. My lungs fill with anguish, exhale bitterness

My whole body, a shadow of its former self, as it concedes to this psychological torture

The pain is unbearable, as my knees throb in anguish from hours of kneeling. My eyes hurt, dry, from staring above, begging for attention, seeking an audience. My throat hoarse for pleading my case.

Unheard, unseen, forgotten. My stomach feels tight against my body. Constricting, suffocating,

anxiety and fear are my cup to drink.

Once again desolate, alone, yet surrounded by miserable souls. Pitiful, born into a harsh reality of what is.

I plead my case to the deaf, I show my wounds to the blind, they are my last recourse. The bitter sweetness of life, compassion for self. Wrung out of me like a damp cloth.

Full of the sweat of futility, my last tear I have shed, I have nothing else to give, yet I am squeezed some more.

My understanding of life is skewed, more pain, the rewards are short-lived, reality falls like a judge's gavel, condemning. Demanding its pound of flesh, from my famished soul.

I send out a prayer to the unknown. I get rewarded with silence. My time has come to pay back what I owe to an unforgiving universe, my free ride has stalled, my mind races to nowhere on life's treadmill. Moving but not going anywhere. I pray that my soul departs my body but life will not allow me that escape.

I must cry blood, bleed water. My closest companion is the horror that envelopes me. Like a blanket of death, oppressive, suffocating but leaving just enough light, to tease, to entice. Mocking, a price that is unachievable. A goal that is unattainable.

Yet in the darkness I hold on. I hold on to the hope of my tomorrow. This cannot go on forever. I will myself off my weak knees, my whole body trembles from the strain but I stand! Strong and yet weak. I inhale this stench called life, I exhale hope!

My last tear I have shed! Now I await my redemption! Because it is forthcoming!