Climbing the Ladder
By Totsie28
Published: December 2, 2010
Updated: December 2, 2010



Continuous struggle is certainly not a foreign concept to our society and others, but the level of how we allow this "beast" to affect us is a unique characteristic within each soul. Understanding the roots of the nature of these uphill battles could possibly lighten the burdens we carry on our backs during these difficult journies. Perhaps rather than seeing each obstacle as a unwelcomed part of life, it is more appropriate to analyze each step of our conquest as a means to not only one goal, but rather an opportunity to explore many various destinations by the end of the trip. Approach each variable as perhaps a new path or alternate route that could carry us to some completely different location even more desired than the one originally imagined. This new curiosity and intrigue for what we will find at the end of the road can make the travel time far more interesting and easy to endure.