not sure yet
By sickofthemist
Published: October 20, 2010
Updated: October 20, 2010




i broke my mask,

exposed my hate,

and showed the wo,rld a glimps of me.

they know the truth,

theyve seen my face,

am i suppo,sed to feel this way.

has it ev-er

crossed your mind.

a fear so strong

it makes you die.

a look-a glance,

a tear perchance

tremors u,p and down my spine.

im in/co-her/ant

and its sublime

how how you co,ntrol me

all the time.

11 years

was not enough

you must take my fre,edom too.

all thats left

for me to say

is that i plan to kil,l you too.

i will come

while you're asleep

and do the same

you did to me.

instead of sex

ill change the game

ill slit your throat

and wa,tch you suffocate.

'cause i want to see your blood on me.