Self-portrait formed with words.
By saveyrgrace
Published: August 12, 2010
Updated: August 12, 2010


My mother is a gypsy. Her mother told her so.
My father is a proud American. His father told him so.
I am neither gypsy nor proud.
I question most, and answer few.
Taking strides in ways that I see fit.
Iíve got tiny little strings weaved into my heart.
Sometimes, I like to pluck them.
Iím very uncertain, but always so sure.
A walking conundrum; a colorful spectrum.
My words spew out of order.
A confusing sequence, that makes little sense to you and means just about everything to me.
My vision is seen much better through a lens.
I have a voice that speaks more freely on paper.
Structure is my anti-christ and i have a big problem with logic.
Logically, structure works.
I often ignore technicalities so I can create my own technique.
My life, My method, Myself.
I Create, because everyone else told me I couldnít.