Stop to Think
By ShannonCorinna
Published: July 16, 2010
Updated: July 16, 2010

Stop to Think
June 2010
By Shannon Corinna Briggs

“Common sense is not so common”, the Moms say,
At school the children are told, “If you don't use your head you'll ALWAYS live this way!”

Our minds are filled with the recipe to life.
We plug into the media, giving them the right.

On the tv,
in our favorite songs, in the movies we see.

What to wear, the “benefit” of being blonde,
even what kind of makeup to put on.

Read the books, go to the seminars-so she can learn to be good enough.


was I taught to overthink life?
Is it as simple as being kind, to be a good wife?

Do I need to LEARN the steps to take?
Or is it simply, if my kids like cookies, I'll just bake!

It he wants to listen to his music now,
why now do I feel like I need his undivided attention?

He loves me, I know – and he'll show me when,

when he overlooks that I snapped at him again,
when he listens to me bare my soul,
then asks me to stay forever and never ever go.

When he cries for my pain,
even though I hurt him again.

When he helps me to keep it real,
that it's not about what I think, but what I feel.

Have we let our minds lead the way?

Shouldn't the HEART have the final say?

Sweet little child, full of sugar and spice,
what will take his life?

Joy to his mother,
but target to another.

What filter pulls the trigger,
which one is bigger?

Does the mind overrule
the heart's desire to keep it cool?

Refusing to take what isn't ours,
leaving the little girl, whole, with no scars.

Giving love, instead of harm.

Loving and accepting others for who they are,
not needing to fix them and chase them away,

but deciding to not judge them,
and asking them to stay.

Our eyes tell us one thing, our hearts another,
each one of us has a mother,
who she was it does not matter,
only to say that we are all the same.

My mind has ruled long enough.

I was taught to overthink,
and turn down the volume to the song of love my heart sings.

I love the babies and hugs from little toddlers,
and the variety of life in the stories of grandmothers.

The difference between city life and life far from town.
How his smile lifts my spirits when I'm feeling down.

How do we not celebrate, but instead feed the hate?

How is the beauty missed? In the differences that exist!


I need to turn up the volume lowered long, long ago.
I need to hear my heart song and the words so I can know.

How to be loving and kind, to myself and you.
See, if I only listen with my head, I have no clue,

that logic and reason are not the answer, but that love is the master.

Because, you and I are ALL that REALLY matters!