Yes, I'm from da Boston so don't annoys me
By not78highstreet
Published: March 7, 2010
Updated: March 7, 2010


I are from da Boston and don't be buggin me,
cuz i can't have no chromosome fugly see
Don't need no cheapass moocher friends, no sir!
Bald on top, all baby bottom, yo got no chest fur,
So if yo see thru them dandruff-speckled eyeglasses,
sho nuff you suffferin from white mans flatasses
Standin there at the groffery inspectin me some heads,
Bet yo breed lyme diseased ticks in your beds
Don't be goin and stalkin me thinkin,
Those brain cells are like a time bomb tickin
Wanna chat wit the likes of yo cuz it juss ain't so,
Don't go thinkin my fat mama's your ho
And i don't care how Clooney yer lookin,
Didn't yer sister catch your Dad jerkin?
How many mentals yo won in elegantary schoo fo intendance,
All those ding-dongs and soda you pissed in yer pants,
When it comes to yer big ole back,
I've done seen your nasty shack,
So just go on bout yo fancy selves,
Yo daddy Under the troll bridge dwells
And shut dat big hoary game trap
Lord knows the nuns beat you wit dere strap
Just keeep on, keep on truckin,
The only friends yo got employ you by suckin
Cuz i got better thangs to do wit my hairy vaginar,
Not wastin a sorry dime on a sappy whiner
Or steamin your itty-bitty wimp dog,
when i can slam it like a whore-headed hog.