"AND" is only three points
By mauichuck1
Published: November 30, 2009
Updated: November 30, 2009

"AND" is only three points

I love the new technology. I'm playing Scrabble simultaneously with seven different people. It never occurred to me that everyone I was playing with could be cheating, until now. I was staring at the worst tiles I had ever seen. The board was open, but all the good double and triple letter spots were taken. I needed help desperately, but as I went online to type in words that start with X, it hit me, maybe this is what the others have been doing on the other end of the IPHONE application this whole time. I mean, some words, of course not. Like "and" is only three points. I was sure that no one had to look that up but there were a few words on the board that raised an eyebrow. I bet the same people would play a heck of a lot different in person.

Well that's enough for now. Iím supposed to go to the store and get some wine for the big party tonight. It is going to be a very interesting evening because not only was my ex-girlfriend going to be there, but so was my latest lady.

I broke up with Gina last summer because she just couldn't come up with any words over two or three letters. Even when we'd go out to dinner her sentences were comprised of a low scoring Scrabble game.

"So, is it time to talk about us?"

I couldn't communicate with such a woman; I kept adding up her words in my head and it never got over thirty points per sentence. Now, Julie was different. We went out the other evening and again she blew me away.

"Precious, I'm contemplating whether we should indulge our fancies in the Pinot our company's architect had flown over from his vineyard."

Damn, I thought, that's a lot of points.

We arrived at the party and began to mingle for a while, and I knew it was only a matter of time before Gina came marching over and confronted us.

"Hi Gina, this is Julie"

Gina stood glaring at me, "And?"

Three points, I thought to myself