Notes (not from) a cruise ship.
By Gerry.
Published: August 18, 2009
Updated: August 18, 2009



You may be surprised to hear this but I have abandoned my cruise.
I suddenly realised how boring it all was. When I started it was all very exciting and I honestly thought it would continue the same way---but it didn’t.

I had my visit to Dubai---it was okay but no more. You actually see it much better and more of it on a good television programme. I think it hit me as we were cruising across the Arabian Sea towards India. I suddenly became quite claustrophobic. That may sound paradoxical---feeling like that on a ship--but it is just like being shut in after a while. You begin to realise you have nowhere to go, and are indeed contained. I got sick of the food too. At first it’s all grand--- but that soon wears off and I got sick of anticipating meal times. I got sick of seeing the same people all the time also, some were lovely, but some were a real pain. Guess which ones I kept bumping in to?

I am no longer writing my book, I abandoned that also. The guy who was going to guide me through it turned out to be a complete moron. He was a control freak I had to tell him where to go. I wasn’t at all bothered about the book though. I realized I would have been struggling to finish it---my interest was diminished, I could not have maintained the interest of my opening notes---well, I thought it was interesting! I will be quite happy to keep the notes with this addendum added and I am sure I will read them from time to time.

When I published my first book of short stories, I bought ten ISBN numbers. I have used five. I am starting to gather new material again, and if I ever get near the sixty thousand word stage I may well have another go at a book and I will most certainly add the ‘Notes from a cruise ship.’

I told Graham and The Captain (Andreas) of my intention first, and Mathew and Lorna a little later. This was the hardest part for me but they fully understood and did not try to influence my decision. I left the ship in India and flew home from there after meeting up with some folks I had met on previous visits. I will certainly keep in touch with the friends I made on board (a little of that later) and we have agreed to meet from time to time, but on dry land. We will also maintain contact via Skype.

The strange thing is that my fiscal situation is just the same as it was to start with, in fact I find myself marginally better off. I have been able to buy into the housing market at a very favourable time and have done quite well. So all in all I will just put the whole thing down to experience; at least I tried it and did set out with good intentions. I do not want to put anyone else off cruising, I know many do, and will enjoy it---but it was just not for me. So I will now continue with my life back in England. Although our government has now been proved to be corrupt and fraudulent, and society is in a terrible state, I have decided that they can now get on with it. I have done my best for my country; if the goons in power are determined to ruin it then I will not worry anymore. I now intend to enjoy my retirement.

So that’s it folks I am back on dry land again---and if I find that I have to leave my country again for whatever reason, I can assure you my destination wherever it may be will be reached by an aircraft.

Now where is that Yorkshire pudding recipe?

PS You may be aware of the ‘Rothchild Estate’ in Corfu. This large estate overlooks the mountains of Albania across the sound. It is a stunning view. This is where the government freeloaders like to take their holidays. Next door to this estate is another ‘little’ place sharing the same stunning views, I cannot name names, but I can tell you I am leaving from 'Robin Hood' airport at 0800 hours on the 24th of August for Corfu and will be staying next door to the Rothchild’s little shack. It may be that I have a few notes to share on my return. ;-)



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