Sex on The Brain.
By sunken
Published: July 28, 2009
Updated: July 28, 2009

*Perving - Lusting over someone.


She says I only watch the tennis
because I like to hear the groans
emanating from the ladies
as they defend their given zones.
“It’s obvious that you are perving,
it’s in the way you grin and leer
when a breeze or sudden movement
reveals a smooth curvaceous rear.
I bet you cannot name the players
whose derrières you hanker for?
You only want to see their knickers,
you are not bothered by the score.
In fact the only set of figures
that are of interest to you
are the two that groan and whimper
in much the same way that you do!”
My response is one of silence
since I have sensed a change in mood,
a disapproving atmosphere
that could initiate a feud,
a feud that might develop further
if I neglect to show restrain…
She says my interest is vulgar
and that I have sex on the brain.