The Right Dishonourable...
By sunken
Published: June 2, 2009
Updated: June 2, 2009

*Go ape - Go mad. Aka ‘Ape Shit’.


“My parliamentary position
demands that I acquire a moat.
I’ll need a crystal chandelier,
a Jaguar and a speedboat.
I’ll need a cottage in the country,
a second home as my escape,
a place where I can rest my laurels
when the electorate go ape.
I will undoubtedly need notebooks
and other stationery tools,
a cuddly toy, a television,
a full-sized heated swimming pool,
a broadband internet connection,
a tailored suit in which to work…
I’ll need a vast array of items,
I have prerequisites to shirk.
I must insist on skirting issues
that might expose me as a fraud,
a fraud who squeezes every penny
out of a system clearly flawed,
a system funded by the taxes
that my constituents must pay,
an honest law abiding public
whom I persistently betray…”