Casanova's Women
By DonnaG
Published: October 16, 2007

they surreptitiously meet for lunch in August and May
order escargots and oysters, several bottles of the best Merlot
discuss motherhood and sketchy financials

they do not mention his name until they are sufficiently
enervated by shellfish and muzzy from the wine
his most recent conquest usually begins:

“When he told me of his other women, I was …
well, consumed with envy, you know?”
a chorus of understanding laughter ensues

“Honey, you’ll get over it. We all did.”
the waiter brings baskets of steaming sourdough and
bowls of softened butter

Casanova’s women reach for knives, spread bread
thickly, lick their fingers and commiserate
as they eat and talk and drink and remember