Christmas through a TV screen
By Di42
Published: December 20, 2008
Updated: December 20, 2008

Itís almost that time of year
when the stress levels reappear,
yep youíve guessed it,
itís time for merriment and cheer,
where tinsel lines the streets
and youíre supposed to pass on love
to those who you meet,
the sound of jingle bells
follows you wherever you go,
even in the looís at Tescoís,
Santa sits waiting in his grotto
with his rosy cheeks and slurred speech,
giving out promises that he canít keep,
but it doesnít stop there, these promises
are put out on the TV for our children
to see, putting pressure upon
the family, as whatever they see
they scream,
ďfor me, for me!
Christmas isnít what it used to be
what happened to being grateful,
for what you had received
and being together as a family,
thatís whatís important to me!