Merry Christmas
By Di42
Published: December 8, 2008
Updated: December 8, 2008

Itís time for merriment and cheer,
itís Christmas where snowflakes find
their purity trodden into a blackened slush,
where families distance themselves
instead of being nearer,
where we all think of how much
to give or to receive.
I wonder how many of us go down
on bended knees and pray thankfully
for without God where would we be?
But the closest we get is to watch
the Queen upon the TV,
thinking yep, weíve done a good deed
as you belch while undoing your belt,
have you ever felt (other than indigestion)
what itís like to spend a freezing night?
I feel sorry for you, you insecure fools
surrounded by two faces,
just think about it, who really gets
stuffed, the turkey or us?