The Journey. (A short Christmas tale.)
By Gerry.
Published: December 7, 2008
Updated: December 7, 2008


‘Shouldn’t be too long now Tom, It’s been a bit of a drag hasn’t it?’
‘Sure has, James. It’s been a long journey, longest journey ever, I should think.’
‘Just think, Tom, if we hadn’t had that visit, this trip wouldn’t have been possible’
‘True, we were so near; but we would never have got here without help. Who would have expected Him to put in an appearance.’

‘Well, Tom, he did tell us before! But nobody took any notice.’
‘You’re right, James, even I knew that, and I was never involved.’
‘I wonder what it will be like? I mean it is a step in the dark even for us. I wonder if they will be anything like us?’
‘Even with all my knowledge and power I can’t answer that one, James, but you will find out soon enough.’

‘Yes, Tom, now we have solved this hyper speed problem the universe is our oyster. I am just thinking about what it used to be like before he came, Tom. Nobody believed in him, well hardly anyone. Even when he arrived there was still doubters. They soon changed their minds though, didn’t they? Especially when he started to demonstrate his powers.'
‘They did indeed, James, no option really, had they?

‘I can’t help thinking about the mess we were in. The answers to our questions had been there---but we were all too clever to see the answers before our eyes.’
‘Yes, James, it really shook a lot of folks, still he has been very fair. The ones who caused all the problems couldn’t expect to get away with it, could they? I think he has a superb method of justice and punishment.’

‘Well you would, Tom, you are totally in the clear. I wonder if they will be like us, I mean will they have two arms two legs, will they have fingers, toes, two ears, eyes nose and mouth just the same as we have? Well, not like you, Tom, but you know what I mean.’
‘Yes I know what you mean, James, we will be finding out what they are like soon enough now.’

‘Okay, Tom, I am switching you off now, I want you to concentrate on bringing the diplomats out of hibernation ready for when we land. You can also double check the navigational calculations, and do a quick run over your other function, I will switch your verbal communication system back on in good time.’

‘Right, James, speak to you later.’


‘Tom, get a look at this, we are bang on course, you have done a great job,’
‘Well, James, I only do what you tell me to.’
‘Yes, Tom, but you do it so well. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it? They were right about the colour too, it’s just like our own planet, a lovely blue.’

‘Yes, James, it is truly beautiful, it gets nicer as it gets bigger.’
‘I am finding this very emotional, Tom, that is something you will never be able to understand.’
‘I am starting to understand, James, I really am; it is a little difficult for me to speak at the moment.’

‘Tom, we will not try any communicating with the natives until we have safely landed, they will not have any idea of our arrival. I wonder if they have animals similar to ours? It’s all very exciting now, isn’t it?
‘It sure is, James, I am getting excited too.’

‘Tom, I wonder if He ever visited here? I wonder why they decided to call this place ‘The Earth’?

Tom didn’t answer either question…