Too Late For Tears
By Di42
Published: November 26, 2008
Updated: November 26, 2008

From an early age she
had to fight to be recognised,
she was pushed from
pillar to post and was the
one person about whom
you would not boast,
your attentions and affections
which she dearly missed
fell upon the men that drifted
in and out of your life, as easily
as the morning mist,
when ever you brought someone
over to stay you always made
sure that your daughter was
out of the way,
whether the sun was shining,
rain or snow you pushed her out
telling her to go,
you ignored her sorrowful face
the pain behind her eyes and
the tears that failed to dry,
you made her feel worthless and
so insecure all that she wanted was
to be loved and kissed to know that
for you, she did exist.
You never worried if she came home
late you were always too busy
with your latest date.
But out on the street she did
make a friend who told her stories
with a happy end,
he played on her loneliness,
the longing to be loved
and in the knowledge that,
she had finally had enough.
She was slowly seduced within a
web of lies and taken to a place
where no one would hear her cries,
every step she made led her deeper
into a shadowy world which had,
a vestige of hell.
Her mother now stands and stares
and when asked, she answers,
“I’ve always cared”
She hears a child’s voice inside
her head,
“liar liar, your heart is gonna
be forever on fire”
Words burn her mouth whenever
she speaks, as she cries out over
a now empty street.