The Day Rob's Vanity Was Pricked
By Daniel Abelman
Published: November 24, 2008
Updated: September 5, 2010

The Day Rob's Vanity Was Pricked.

by pvt. (res.) Daniel Abelman

Rob tripped on the fifth-last step and barely made it to the bottom on his feet. His unbalanced momentum was poised to propel him farther a'stumbling, down the hallway - to end the descent flat on his face - when quick-witted Rob changed the course of events. He dropped down into a controlled roll; to the floor, jumped up, dusted himself off, and grinned, pretending none the worse for wear.

"Hey Rob, you was in the Airborne Rangers?"

Rob saluted.

"Hey Rob, you stop wanking-swanking. We know you was a fitness instructor in the ROTC."

That's when the fight got underway.

the end