An Absurd Nightmare
By Valerie Muriel Mckinley
Published: November 2, 2008
Updated: November 2, 2008

BibliotrophyAn Absurd Nightmare
by Valerie Muriel Mckinley

I arrived on a lunar landscape
unexpectedly ... as you do,
I wandered about quite nonchalantly
looking for the zoo.
When all at once I came upon
an awfully absurd old man
carrying an elephant under his arm
pushing a high sprung pram.
In the pram sat a couple of penguins
with half a dozen mice,
two chimpanzees and a marmoset
eating savoury rice.
The absurd old man looked at me
he whispered, “tick tock tick tock,
watch my mice they’re not very nice
‘cos they’ll break the springs in your clock.”
I wandered on and suddenly found
I was riding a big red bus.
The passengers were chimpanzees
making a hell of a fuss.
The driver threatened to throw them off
if they didn’t quieten down,
but they weren’t afraid of the driver
for he was wearing a sequined gown.
I turned in my seat to improve my view
I couldn’t believe what I saw,
I found I was in a flying balloon
that appeared to be made of straw.
It was heading towards the mountains,
my heart was thumping with fright,
for there on the top of the mountain
sat, the absurd old man in white.
His demeanour was threatening
his face wore a terrible frown.
He accused me of setting his chimps free
and letting his penguins drown.
He made a grab for the basket
and screamed, “ I’ll pull off your head”
Then just as I thought life was over
I woke up and fell out of bed!!