I'm Still Here!
By Di42
Published: November 2, 2008
Updated: November 2, 2008

BibliotrophyIím Still Here!

It all happened so fast
Iím not quite sure where to start,

I know Iím still here,
but things donít seem very clear,

It feels as though Iím in my body,
but when I lift up my handsÖ

I donít understand.

I can hear my thoughts,
Why canít you hear me when I talk?

I feel so much love surrounding me,
but canít seem to get any attention,

I feel your pain and want so much
to take it away.

I try and catch the tears you cry,
I donít make it in time,

I listen to your prayers,
and wish I could answer them,

by showing you, Iím still here.