I sold the world.
By Gerry.
Published: October 13, 2008
Updated: October 13, 2008

I sold the world some days ago
It wasnít worth a lot.
A bloke said how much is it?
ĎI said Ďgive me what youíve got'.

At first I tried to auction it
But it didnít reach reserve
The bidding stopped at fifty
And thatís more than you deserve.

I remember when I made it
I was so pleased so proud
The best thing that I ever did
I shouted it out loud.

Have you ever thought what was involved
How much sweat and pain?
To present you with the perfect place
But alas it was in vain.

I tried to think of everything
To answer all your need
But nothing was quite good enough
You destroyed it all with greed.

When I think of all the animals
All the trees and flowers too
It never did occur to me
What destruction you would do.

Iím not bothered about you humans now
With your hate and need for power
Iíll be glad to see the back of you
But please leave me just one flower.

Yes itís too late now; Iíve done the deed
The Earthís no longer mine
And thatís a mighty burden lifted
Yes---I actually feel fine.

Now Iím going off to pastures green
I have a place to view
But this time it will be okay
Not like when I trusted you.

Now about the Earthís new owner
Iím sure youíd like to know--
You lot will like him very much
Iím sure on you heíll grow.

But nothings ever free you know
Youíll have a price to pay
And this guy comes expensive
Exorbitant Iíd say.

So when he comes for payment
And you cannot pay his bill
Donít bother trying to call on me
And I know for sure you will.

Well how much did I get for it?
I can hear some of you say,
In the end I couldnít take it--
I just gave the Earth away.