By Di42
Published: October 10, 2008
Updated: October 10, 2008

She puts on her perfume,
finds something sensual to wear,
stands before the mirror
to brush her hair,
slides her hands over the silk,
goes to where her husband lies,
climbs in beside and closes her eyes.
Trying to get her breathing
under control,
she thinks,
should I reach out
or just let it go?
Feeling the warmth mingle between
their bodies,
she so much wants to touch,
to feel his love,
but knows if she dare,
she’ll be rebuffed.
She’s become accustom
to feeling alone,
lying there allowing the coldness
to take hold, as icy tentacles
wrap around her heart.
Not wanting him to hear her fears,
that she now hides,
she quietly turns onto her side,
quelling the tears,
as they form in her eyes.