Remembering Sadie. (A true story)
By Gerry.
Published: October 8, 2008
Updated: October 8, 2008

The old shed came as a welcome sight,
It meant shelter from the cold in the coming night.
Just a small hole that she could squeeze through,
Then a long sigh as she thought ‘This will do’.

She was weary and tired and lay down her head,
She needed to rest before making her bed.
In a few minutes she had sniffed all around,
But a few oily rags were all that she found.

This night would be the hardest, she knew that was true,
With no one to help, or show what to do.
Then with a shudder and a look so forlorn
She waited alone for her pups to be born.

In the slow growing light our very proud mum
Looked down in amazement at what she had done.
Seven lovely pups with eyes closed so tight,
And she'd managed alone in the dark of the night.

With seven weeks of scrounging and begging for food
She somehow kept healthy along with her brood,
The pups were now bigger and making more sound
And so as expected, at last they were found.

With the best of intentions they were taken to town,
Where the man in the cap said ‘seven days then put down’.

But someone had heard of the poor family's plight,
‘They will not be put down, that cannot be right--
They deserve much more, after what they've been through’
So straight down to town, to see what to do.

Now things turned out well for our caring mum,
She is warm and contented with food in her tum.
But there are seven little pups that need love and care,
Have you a nice house, and a heart you can share?


When the story made the paper and the pups’ photos too,
The phone started ringing, and rang all day through.
With the applicants vetted, and selection all done
The pups said a final goodbye to their mum.

With bellies all bulging, coats shining like new
She knew she had done the best she could do,
So tired and thin, battle scars on her face,
She had raised them all well, without any disgrace.

She watched them all go with a whimper and groan,
And looking around found herself all alone.
With big brown eyes wide, she looked with a plea.
‘They all wanted my pups, but no one wants me’.

Now ‘Shep’ was eleven, and had just lost an eye,
But with all the pleading they'd give it a try.
He had always been spoiled, and would be number one.
With that understanding they said she could come.

The seven-mile journey took her to that place
Where in the large kitchen they met face to face.
They got on so well when they met the first day,
And if she behaved, they agreed she could stay.

With lots of good food, grooming and care,
Large gardens to play in and Shep's company to share.
She is thickening out, with coat gleaming bright,
We think that she knows everything is alright.

A trip to the vet, for a cut on the tum,
No more did they want their new friend to be mum.
And being experienced in matters of health
She even removed all the stitches herself.

Well this little verse brings you right up to date,
Oh! She’s just started training---gosh what a state.
And if ever you meet our very proud ‘Lady’
Stop and give her a pat, we've christened her ‘Sadie’

RIP Sadie.