Journey of a Life Time
By Di42
Published: October 8, 2008
Updated: October 8, 2008

I can sense there are questions,
waiting to be asked,
but first you have to travel along a path,
to the inner depths of youíre being you'll go,
to come face to face with youíre own ego,
this is the demon that traps your soul,
the master, of deception and disguise,
attempting to unbalance your life.
But to become whole, you need to journey
deeper, into the silence of your soul,
the cruel and selfish part of you,
the darkness that resides,
of greed, lust and lies.
Images form within your minds eye,
donít brush these aside, embrace them,
draw them into the light,
setting them free, to merge with eternity,
only then, will you feel from the heart
and the answers you've been searching for,