Club Drugs
By Di42
Published: October 4, 2008
Updated: October 4, 2008



Club Drugs

Donít believe a word that they say,
Iím here to make your day.
Iím small and discreet,
Iíll introduce you to all the guys
on the street.
I can give you such wonderful dreams;
We can act out all of your fantasies.
Donít worry if you lose all of your friends,
as long as youíve got me, who needs them?
It doesnít matter if you start to get mind blokes,
just give yourself another shot,
and when you start to feel a burning pain,
itís only me, pulsating through your veins,
when you get the shakes, hey man,
ainít that just great!
On my way weíll have fun and games,
Iíll find my way to your liver, burn my way through,
making you feel even sicker,
and when youíre doubled over in pain,
thatís the least of your worries,
Iím on my way to ya brain.
Didnít I tell you weíd have fun?
and Iíve only just begun,
by the time Iíve finished, no one will recognise you;
Iíll be with you till the last breath you breathe, with a friend like me,
who needs enemies?