Commitment Cancelled
By Valerie Muriel Mckinley
Published: September 19, 2008
Updated: September 19, 2008

I walk the crowded pavement
and catch sight of life through
the reflection of shop windows,
watch heads bob,
hear shouts of hello there,
smell fried bacon, fresh brewed coffee
and feel the cold February rain on my face.
These things require no responsibility;
they just are.

Your face manifests behind my eyelids
I blink away the spectre and turn
to look at a beggar in a doorway.
His obligation not quite abrogated;
he has a dog at his side
they need each other.
He feeds the dog,
the dog keeps him warm;
their love mutual.

You donít need me.
I can feed myself,
you left me, aloof.
Who needs itÖ

Commitment cancelled!