Reined Rage ( A poem in two parts,)
By Valerie Muriel Mckinley
Published: August 24, 2008
Updated: August 25, 2008

Part 1

Short Eyes

Turmoil, simmering
hate filled thoughts
smoulder like hot ash
scorching holes, searing
a once perfectly balanced brain.
The desire to kill
slowly and painfully
seized and took hold
of a normally easy going nature.
Thoughts of revenge, a sweet antidote
to a shattered heart.
Life would be hell
inside for an amoeba like him…
Didn’t they once refer to his like, as short eyes?

Part 2


I have my earphones on,
turned up loud;
Neil Diamond is screaming
about brother love,
drowning out negative thoughts.

Slowly his strong gruff voice
soothes my nerves
and all I hear are his sexy tones.
Cherry baby: Sweet Caroline:
I am I said…

“Girl you’ll be a woman soon,
soon you’ll need a man…”

GOD! Is there no bloody escape?

My dark thoughts tumble back
and Neil’s gravel voice
begins to grate
forcing me to remember
the reasons why my heartlight
has been extinguished.