The MacMillan Nurse
By orangedream
Published: August 22, 2008
Updated: August 23, 2008

Take each day at a time,
live for the moment,
carpe diem
and all that crap,

thatís what the rest of them
preach to me.
They mean well,
but as the pain gnaws

at my spine and syringe drivers
donít work any more,
she pads, black stockinged, through my mind,
lace-up shoes,

down the road to nowhere,
to my room. She feeds me ice-cubes
on a spoon, asks me what date Iím aiming for.

The 31st of April I mouth.

She turns my iron-framed bed
to face the window
and I look forward to the day
when the magnolia buds will open

with their promise
of summer and pain-free
days to come and then
she holds my hand.