By sunken
Published: August 11, 2008
Updated: August 14, 2008


Her mate’s tits are phoaarr inspiring
but I am minded not to stare
because she gets a bit suspicious
when I peruse a foreign pair.
When I say ‘foreign’ I mean ‘others’
I don’t mean tits from overseas,
(…though in the interest of friendship
I would invariably squeeze
any size or shape or colour…)
Uniting nations is my goal.
Her mate’s tits are captivating,
but I must tender self-control.
She would be unappreciative
of the way I modulate
to the unforgiving movements
of a slow hypnotic gait…
She would invariably argue
that I am hopelessly obsessed
and that I ought to see a doctor
about my hankerings for breasts.
Denied a rational assessment,
I would be made to feel ashamed,
my libido left in tatters
as every single urge is tamed.
So I am sticking by my story,
“I have no secrets to divulge…”
and I will join them on the dance floor
when I have rearranged my bulge!