Out The Only Window
By B. Gallatin
Published: October 16, 2007

Lying in bed wishing the pain would subside. The drugs effect seemed to take longer and didn't last. Opening my eyes there before me was a beautiful young woman dressed in gossamer white. Calling my name,
"It's time to go".
I thought, ' Who are you and where are you suggesting we go? Can't you see I can't go anywhere'.
She answered, "Yes sweetheart you can and must come away with me. Don't be afraid". She was reading my thoughts.
She reached for my hand, grasped it and at that instant the pain was gone, my mind was clear and I knew who she was. She laughed,
"No dear, we don't wear black, nor carry a scythe." I effortlessly arose and we floated right out the only window and flew noiselessly above the earth.