Girl with the Flaxen Hair ...
By orangedream
Published: August 1, 2008
Updated: August 1, 2008

Tucks her shoulder-length hair

behind one ear whilst she stoops

to prune a rose. The scent

of new-mown grass,

of heady, binding jasmine,

mingle with the smell

of apple-wood smouldering

on some far-distant bonfire.

She supposes she might dally

by the mossy, yellow fountain

mounted on the orange-red brick wall.

Hears the water trickle

as it falls from the mouth

of the carved stone lionís-head

where lichen abounds.

Blue and green cushions

line the cherry-wood bench

where she sits and dozes,

as orange-faced nasturtiums

by the brown shingle path

nod their drowsy heads

in the warmth of the noonday sun

and the Californian lilac

hangs heavy with its blossom

of vermilion and gentian blue.

A handsome tabby-cat

stretches out beneath her feet

as the sweet, heady perfume

of the Tuscan lemon tree

in its terracotta pot

fills the sultry air

while soundly sleeps the girl

with the flaxen hair.