Sparrows Can't Sing
By orangedream
Published: July 17, 2008
Updated: July 18, 2008

Cat caught a bird
laid it at my feet
garnet-green eyes

stared up at me
with such
unashamed pride

and I glared back -
unashamed disgust
and anger
in mine.

Bird fluttered a while
as I cupped it
in my palm

felt it trembling -
just a tiny fledgling
fallen from its nest

could see its heart
beating wildly
in its downy-grey chest -
a sparrow
I supposed.

What to do next?
Laid it by the hedge
on a sycamore leaf -
should have ended its misery
poor defenceless creature

couldn’t bring myself to -
killing’s not my thing.
So called Cat in for tea -

as she sat there
licking her paws
I opened the can -

‘Diced chicken in sauce’
I read
out loud
from the label.

‘See -
you’re no different,
from me,’
she said
from under
the table

with those eyes
that despised
my hypocrisy

as the baby bird
in the garden outside
stretched its wings
and flew away.