Air Kisses
By orangedream
Published: July 9, 2008
Updated: July 9, 2008

they almost own me
for itís true
they do know me
the tilt of my chin
my skin
each blemish
each mark
the mole on my thigh
the line of my nose
the concave curve of my hips
perfect bow of my lips
when I kiss
the air
and pretend
itís for them
as they stare
at the glossy magazines
get me down from the shelf
take me home
lie on their beds
fill their heads
with thoughts
of what they would do
given half the chance
fat chance
raunchy poses
Iím feeling horny
just goes to show
how wrong
they can be
pin me up on their walls
or their tinny locker-doors
jerk off
as they dream
their lurid dreams
have perverse
pathetic fantasies
while I smile
with eyes
that despise
them all
and lips that defy
the camera never lies.