A Purple Skeleton
By Gerry.
Published: June 13, 2008
Updated: June 14, 2008

Try rhyming a word with Diamond
You will be lucky if you do,
Okay now try Silver and Orange,
I think theyíre impossible too.

You may care to try with Nothing,
But you wonít get far Iím sure.
Or trying to rhyme something with Month,
Will have you racking your brain some more.

You could of course try Skeleton,
Thatís a funny one itís true.
You may just find youíre Limited,
But it gives the brain something to do.

Now have a try rhyming with Ninth,
You will find thatís a word too far.
What a beautiful colour is Purple
But trying to rhyme itís a bar.

Now here is the real funny part,
Which word do you think is the best?
Iím putting my money on Poem --
Cosí itís harder to rhyme than the restÖ

PS. Iím off for a Pint now,
Whoops thereís another.

© Gerald Finlay, 2003, All Rights Reserved.