A Brief Precursor to a Cramp.
By sunken
Published: June 10, 2008
Updated: June 11, 2008

(One degree too far)

Like a film by Alfred Hitchcock
she views the world from steep inclines.
She says it makes life more dramatic,
(which if you read between the lines
is just another way of saying
that she considers me quite dull…)
She views contention from an angle
as I prolong my right to mull.
She says that Hitchcock was the master
of apprehension and suspense.
I start to lean as she is talking,
my head now void of commonsense,
my legs inviting random spasms,
the brief precursor to a cramp…
She views my pain from sheer angles
as I prepare a makeshift ramp.
“This crudely fashioned sloping platform,
constructed mainly out of wood,
enables me to lean much further
than Alfred Hitchcock ever could.
These automatic mechanisms
will keep us tilting on a par…”
…She views disaster from an angle
as I lean one degree too far.