A boy's prayer (from the nineteen fifties)
By Gerry.
Published: June 7, 2008
Updated: June 8, 2008

Oh God look down on what I do,
And please donít let temptation through.
I know I am not always right
But I donít succumb without a fight.
And when I err I know full well,
And Iím awful grateful you donít tell.
I know youíre forgiving and really fair,
So please look kindly on ten Portman Square.

These others will all be asking too
But believe me they are not so true.
If I wanted, there are things I could tell
That would destine most of them to hell.
But I wouldnít think of such a thing,
Knowing the misery it would bring.
So of your goodness hear my plea
And save a lovely spot for me.

Please bless my dog, and Mary Brown,
For what she did for half a crown!
It wasnít great, in truth I re-call
But so much better, than now't at all.
We are only young my Lord you know,
And Mary put on quite a show.
I thought IĎd get punished for going astray,
But I wasnít - so I guess it was all okay.

So Lord Iím sorry for what might go wrong,
I know your mercy will make me quite strong.
I will really try not to go the wide way,
And know youíll guide me through each day.
I feel much better after this little prayer,
And Iím sorry I have no more words to share
But I really must fly now or I will be late,
I have five bob, and I have this date...