By maggieball
Published: June 2, 2008

Anagram by maggieball

A cryptic tear
broke the ice wall of his cheek
scribbling code in dirty cracks between pavement
the subject of his anagram
a three word phrase
starting point of an obsession
freezing him where he sat.

A practice try
with all guns blazing
he leaned forward
spectacles shattering
concrete steaming against the blinding sun
and began to howl.

Art at epic cry
he hid in his room
shut the blinds
moved closer to the corners
tried not to inhale omnipresent particles
filled sheet after sheet of purified paper
with rules, directives, calculations
an attempt at control
everyone tried to thwart
if only
he could find the key.

Try arctic pea
it might forestall
the inevitable
words slipping
into their baser
atoms sliding
into dust.