Painting Toenails.
By sunken
Published: June 2, 2008
Updated: June 2, 2008

“It makes no sense to live forever,”
she says whilst painting her toenails
in a shade of misdemeanour
that captivates unruly males.
“Life would only become boring
and age would only bring us down.
It makes no sense to live forever,
not in this godforsaken town.”
I raise my eyes above a headline
about a man who’s killed his bride
because of something he’d discovered
concerning rumours she’d denied.
I shake my head and coax a smile,
she shakes her foot and smiles at me,
her lips expressive of the ardour
that I commit to memory.
“It makes no sense to live forever.
Prolonging pain is just futile.
We may as well accept the future
with all its deviance and guile.
We may as well embrace the moment
and make the most of our malaise.
It makes no sense to live forever
when we can hardly cope with days…”