Girls are all the same! (Snookered)
By sunken
Published: May 10, 2008
Updated: May 11, 2008


She says that snooker bores her shitless.
I ask her not to be so crude.
“It is a sport for gentle people,
a sport that constantly exudes
an air of calm sophistication…
I don’t expect you’ll understand.”
She says that snooker is for arse holes
and doesn’t bother to expand.
The room falls silent for a moment,
(…save for a designated call
and the applause that duly follows
as domineering snooker balls
fall into amicable pockets
with a precision rarely seen…)
The room falls silent for a moment
as men in black peruse the green.
“His backside is quite appealing,”
she exclaims, out of the blue,
as a rather handsome player
extends the measure of his cue.
“Perhaps my reasoning was clouded.
There might be something to this game…”
I switch the TV onto standby
‘cause girls are all the fuckin’ same!