Silicon Womb
By maggieball
Published: April 8, 2008

Floating lazily in your silicone womb Bibliotrophy
the ticking clock of her heart
beats you to sleep
drums you awake
her dying cells rebirthing in the translucent skin
of your existence.

Cumbrous eyes close
against a world too harsh
for such ethereal beauty.

Molecular silence
surrounds fragile tissues
your stress-receptors calmed
by the rocking cradle
you swim, eat, and shit in.

When the clock strikes the hour
home becomes foreign
the soft fall hardens
pushing you down
the Alice-hole of existence
towards pain, fear, jealousy
bright light
a lifetime of hunger,
the motherlode still ticks
metaphorically; factually
to clean up your mess.

Itís just the way it is.

You canít escape the whipsnap
of genetic inheritance.