First and Last
By B. Gallatin
Published: October 16, 2007

When first we met
Was it love or was it lust?
Time alone has told
When we wed our souls enjoined
Legally and emotionally
Sharing the same dreams and goals
A home of our own
A legacy of children
We charged through life
Dodging the pitfalls
Presented along our way
Milestones of fear, grief and accidents
Littered our pathway
Together with love and understanding
We faced life’s inequities
Meeting each burden and crisis
As we progress toward
Our inevitable end
As our youth fades
Inviting the ravages of age
To claim our earthly bodies
Anchored by our bond
Our love will live on
Like the universe and time
Our souls forever entwined
We’ll be together again to face
Anything eternity has to offer
I love you first and last