Colour Me
By Gillian
Published: April 6, 2008
Updated: April 6, 2008

Colour me plain -

for the all days before I knew you.

When morning was just another time of day

and evening crept, sepia-toned, over twilight's promise,

drawing a mantle of obscurity over all

Colour me grey -

For not knowing love is a rainbow

to infuse the heart with as many hues

and vibrancies to fill the gardens of the world,

delighting eye and heart in equal measure

Colour me hollow -

for not knowing the sound of your voice

could fill me with emotions scattering

like wind-blown raindrops on the surface of my heart,

leaving your name written like dew on sunrise pastures.

Colour me sleeping -

where ignorance pillowed me into rest.

A prince’s kiss to waken, break barriers of incomprehension

and all that I did not – would not – could not –see

is suddenly, miraculously, within my grasp.